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In general, Stainless Steel Water Bottles have many, many benefits.

The health of yourself and your family is one of the biggest benefits, though many recognise more clearly the bad taste of plastic bottles… The bad taste is often an indicator of a far worse problem in health / safety. The health issue is obviously exponentially worse if you are buying sugary drinks instead of taking your own crisp, clean water with you!

Next, the benefit to your finances can be huge. While the initial investment can seem large, the ongoing savings continue to mount over time. For the price of around 10 drinks from the corner shop, you can have a bottle that is guaranteed to last 12 months (and may last up to 10!).

The benefits to the planet are big too - the amount of pollution from drink containers around the world is appalling - don’t be a contributor!
A Potentially Toxic Material that causes health risks and is contained in most plastic water bottles - and leaches into you when you drink it
Avoid that plastic taste from plastic water bottles. Use your Stainless bottle for juice & still avoid cross-contamination tastes!
Why contribute to the millions of tons of plastic that is filling tips everywhere? Stainless Steel is recyclable.
Bottled water has a huge environmental cost in the transport of the product around the world. 40 Billion bottles from the US alone end up in land fill or worse! Sea pollution kills many animals yearly.
Cost 1
The cost of one EcoTanka is only around the cost of 1 bottle of water purchased every day for 1 week!
Cost 2
Although the initial cost is higher than a plastic bottle - a stainless bottled will outlast a plastic bottle many, many times over
Stainless steel is much easier to clean and is more hygienic - meaning it is much more safe for you and your family.
Let's face it - they look fantastic! Fine for even that important business meeting you now have no need to buy bottled water.
While plastic bottles get scratched, tattered and can split when knocked or dropped, stainless steel remains strong even with heavy handed use.
You can engrave or etch your stainless water bottle for a truly unique, personalised accessory.
Stainless steel is a better conductor of heat so your water will cool quicker in the fridge - and with a cover stay cooler on a hot day
Stainless steel has a very hard finish though remains flexible. It has an extremely long useable life span.
We have one of the largest ranges of EcoTanka® bottles, lids and cooler covers in Australia. We also have some other great health ideas to benefit the whole family…be sure to check out some of our other products!


Those who come to me will never thirst again…
Jesus Christ
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